Dr. Zahra Rastian


   Zahra Rastian, Ph.D.


  Nanotechnology- Chemical Engineering

  The Persian Gulf Marine Biotechnology Research Center





Contact Information


Email:                      zrastian@gmail.com 




Sabbatical:           Aarhus University, Denmark, 2013

Ph.D:                             Nanotechnology- Chemical Engineering, Tehran University, Iran, 2009-2014

M.Sc.:                             Biotechnology- Chemical Engineering, Iran University of Science and      

                             Technology, Iran, 2001-2004

B.Sc.:                              Food Processing- Chemical Engineering, Amirkabir University, Iran, 1991-1997


Research interests

- Plasma and chemical functionalization of carbon based nanomaterials

- Enzyme immobilization

- Collagen extraction

- Tissue engineering

- Electrospining

- Antioxidant activity of natural products


تاریخ بروز رسانی:   10 آبان 1394

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University Affiliation Address:
دانشگاه علوم پزشکی بوشهر، بوشهر ، ایران
Bushehr University of Medical Sciences, Bushehr, Iran